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Madrid-Cundinamarca, CO


Our company was founded in 1924 and ever since it’s very first beginnings it has been in the market providing solutions in the field of water pumps, generator sets and related equipment. Looking back now it’s been over 50 years since it developed into a full fledged water pump manufacturing facility. The company has been well known since and is well respected as a key player in the international market. At present the company exports to over 20 countries. We are the leading water pump and water booster systems manufacturer in the northern Latin American region . In addition to the water pump business we are an experienced Generator Sets retailer and wholesaler. We pride ourselves in having brought water and power solutions to thousands of customers in a very large geographical area by far much wider than our own national territory , Colombia.

CALLE 15 # 1-18
Madrid-Cundinamarca, CO
Phone: 57 1 8200210
Fax: 57 1 8200211