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Dongying, CN

Giayoung Precision Metal Co., Ltd.

Giayoung company produces precision castings by means of the silicasol lost-wax process and is especially good at the manufacture of complicated precision castings. Nearly 1000 various kinds of new products are developed each year for customers from about 20 countries. Our company can produce castings weighing from 0.001kg to 90kg in more than 200 different kinds of materials including carbon steels, low and high alloy steels such as stainless steels, tool steels, heat-resistant steels, non-ferrous metals such as brass and bronzed. Our casting products are widely used in the fields such as fluid and chemical machinery, food processing machinery, building hardware, heat treatment equipment, weapons, hydraulic and pneumatic machinery marine equipment kitchen utensils, power and hand tools, medical equipment sports apparatus, instruments and meters, automotive parts and other machine parts. Our company has been certified with the ISO9001:2000 quality system and CE/PED certification.

West Xiwu Road,Shengli Industria
257000 Dongying, CN
Phone: 0086-546-8180516
Fax: 0086-546-8180818