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Wuxi Jiangsu, CN

Qiansheng Metal (China) Inc.

We Qiansheng Metal Inc. (QMI) manufactures a wide range of industrial components to be delivered to OEMs. We can provide pump components from the initial patterns for your castings or dies for your forgings, up to sub-assemblies of the components we manufacture. We have a network of focused factories that can provide one or two of these processes, and do it very well. ¡¤ Tool and die ¡¤ Castings ¡¤ Forgings ¡¤ Fabrications ¡¤ Machining In addition to the above products, QMI provides a package of services as well. ¡¤ Design and engineering ¡¤ Supplier management ¡¤ Logistics ¡¤ Customer service Should you be interested in our offers, please contact us per contact@qsmetal.com. Or if you want to learn more about us, please visit our web at www.qsmetal.com.

1519 Yinchun building
214001 Wuxi Jiangsu, CN
Phone: 86 510 2753247
Fax: 86 510 2793247