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Langley Bridge, GB

North Ridge Pumps Ltd

North Ridge Pumps are an independent Manufacturer and Distributor of pumps. Based in Nottingham, whichis centrally located in the UK it enables us to service the UK with relative ease. We manufacture a range of pumps from rotary centrifugal to reciprocating and rotary positive displacement pumps to cover a wide range of fluids from clean low viscosity liquids such as clean water or Glycols to chemicals, thickened sludge, grease and waste products. Being established since 1998 has enabled us to build a wealth of experience across a multitude of industries enabling us to undersand which pump technology and features are best suited for your application and which will provide the lowest lifetime cost. We ensure pumps are Engineered Beyond Your Needs, and built to last throughout your application providing many years of troublefree service.

X-Cel House, Chrysalis Way,
NG16 3RY Langley Bridge, GB
Tel.: 01773 302 660

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