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Tamarac, US

Azcue Pumps USA, Inc.

Bombas Azcue, S.A.´s activities may be divided into three different and separate groups of products; The design and manufacture of an extensive range of pumps for a wide range of applications. The design and manufacture of heat exchangers for water, oil, fuels, air, etc. Metal foundry for the design and manufacture of models principally in Bronze and Brass Right from the moment of initiating its operations as a company in 1910 and with the aim of offering a constantly improving service to their clients, Bombas Azcue, S. A. has been concentrating its efforts in the following fields: Technical advice to their clients, as far as adequate product selection, conforming to the client’s particular need; as well as efficient installation of such, in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Expansion and adaptation of its range of products to satisfy newly arising necessities, in step with advancing technological developments. Constant incorporation of the latest project design, production, quality control and data processing techniques to offer, at any particular moment, a product with an optimum quality-price ratio and permanent attention to its functional character and reliability. A quick and efficient after-sales service to guarantee the continued functioning of its products with maximum efficiency. Bombas Azcue S.A. places at the entire disposal at their customers and users, modern and efficient production means of a material and human nature in order to offer a high level of quality its products with short lead time and a quick and highly efficient Technical Service. Industries served include: Marine, Construction, Public works, Housing, Industry, Agriculture, Wine Cellars, Mining, Swimming pools, Food industry etc. with a wide range of specifically designed products.

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