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Chengdu, Sichuan Province, CN

Chengdu Xingyu Precision Casting Co., Ltd

We specialize in investment casting (lost wax process) for machinery and equipment components. The investment casting process provides the best shortcut to mass production of metal components of intricate shapes under 50 kilograms. With profound and practical engineering experience, we are committed to total satisfaction of our customers through precision casting at China¡¯s labor cost which is of course much lower. The surface roughness of our cast pieces is limited in the range from Ra 1.25¦Ìm to 3.20¦Ìm, and while the premium linear tolerance can reach as tight as 0.050 mm. Under such precision, there need no or just little further machining or finishing operations, and no further fabrication for the complete-to-print advantage which distinguishes investment casting from other foundry process.

No.6 South Aerospace Road
610071 Chengdu, Sichuan Province, CN
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