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Obernkirchen, DE

ITT Bornemann GmbH

Bornemann is the market leader for twin-screw and multiphase pumps and one of the highest perfoming manurfacturers of eccentric screw pumps, which are characterised by their ruggedness and power. Bornemann twin-screw pumps are rotating displacement pumps; the gearwheeels and roller bearings are outside the pumps space. Around 80 models are available. Various materials, sizes and forms make application- optimised solutions possible. Nearly all media can be pumped. Thin liquids such as petrol, hydrocarbons and seawater, liquids with high viscosity such as bitumen, tar, glue, molasses, and aggressive media such as acids and alkalines.

Obernkirchen, DE
Phone: +49 5724 3900
Fax: +49 5724 390 290

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