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Rock Island, US

Roth Pump

ROTH PUMP is the leading developer and manufacturer of LOW NPSH regenerative turbine pumps. For over 80 years Roth has been handling high head (up to 5400 feet/1645 M TDH), low flow (up to 150 GPM/34 M3/H) boiling point liquids. Use of Roth ONE FOOT /0.30 METER LOW NPSH pumps, significantly reduces required tank height which lowers design and construction costs. Roth Pump boiler feed/ deaerator/condensate return systems handle water at 212° F/100° C, 250° F/121° C, 350° F/177° C and 400° F/204° C, which result in substantial energy savings.

P.O. Box
4330 Rock Island, US
Phone: 1-888-444-ROTH
Fax: 1-309-787-5142