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Chennai, IN

Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd

TiTaN manufactures and supplies various type of pipes and pipe fitting,pipe ends for inline, offset, multiport etc made of exotic metals such as titanium, tantalum, zirconium, niobium, duplex, monel, inconel, hastelloy, incolloy, nickel, super duplex, cupro nickel etc..The fittings Includes Butt weld fittings,Forged steel socket welding fittings,Forged steel threaded fitting,Forged steel outlet fitting,Flanges – slip on ,lapped, threaded,blind flanges.weld neck flange,slip on flange,blind flanges,threaded flange,reduction flange,socket flange,90o elbow,45o elbows,reducing elbow,long radius bend, short radius bends,miter bend (fabricated elbow) hot formed pipe,cold formed pipe (tube), roll formed & welded pipes,press formed & welded pipes,concentric reducer,eccentric reducers, standard tees ("T"),side outlet tee,reducing Tee, bull head tee,standard wye ,reducing wyes,expansion joints bellow , crosses, bends , elbows, reducer, stub end seamless pipe,welded (erw), pipes,expansion joint, tee, cap,flange,coupling,cross, insert, union, bushing,plug, nipple ,offset fittings,pipe spool , couplings , bellows,dish end, insert , caps, union, bushings, plugs, nipples, street elbows, return bends, stub ends , side outlet elbow, titanium gr 7 diffuser for PTA plant, Ti grade 7 ventury (venturi) for PTA, header, distributor (tianium, Zr, Ni), Industries served Chlor alkali Petro chemical ClO2 plants Fertilizers Pulp & Paper industries Chlorate industries Bulk drugs Pharmaceuticals Power & Desalination Acetic Acid Plants Refineries Caustic chlor industries Defence & Aerospace Fine chemical industries oil & exploration plants

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