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Bangalore, IN

UNIK Software House

We are the leading software developers to automate the marketing network of the Pump Industry. Our Pump Pack v.2.0 gives complete engineering solutions in providing accurate and fast quotations. Our software allows all pump quotations, from simple to complex cases of fluid handling, usually requiring extensive engineering input and expertise, are reduced to only (approximately) 15 minutes per quotation instead of the normal ½ to 3 days. SOFTWARE FEATURES * Automatic selection of right pump * All printed documents that meet technical / graphical / commercial demand of any top engineering consultant * No need of engineering interpretations * No need for manual logic’s evaluations * No need for time consuming evaluation, which might not be standardized * Instant and automatic acquisition and matching of specifications * Datamining utility provides market trends to take corrective action.

129, Domlur II Stage, 1st Main
560071 Bangalore, IN
Phone: +91-80-5351172/5353811
Fax: +91-80-5351172/5353811

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